My head hit the window, smashing the glass. The car came to an abrupt halt. I sat slumped over my seatbelt, groggily trying to process what had just happened. As I opened my eyes and moved, I cried out as an intense pain shot up my neck. Shattered glass and blood covered the dashboard. Holding my screaming neck, I gingerly turned to face the driver’s side. Kimba’s body was slumped across the steering wheel. I could not see her face. Movement from the front seat of the car that t-boned us caught my eye. A dark-haired boy stared at me. His terrified eyes were wide, but clear. He had a tight grip on the steering wheel and his knuckles were as white as his face. Panicked voices yelled from the street. I realised wailing sirens were heading our way. The boy broke our staring match and rested his head on his steering wheel. Then sublime darkness offered me peace.

book_cover_final for facebook take 3

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